Our range of services outline some of the ways in which we can partner with you. However, if you have something in mind and wish to discuss this with us, please do get in touch.

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Smarketing 360 programme

Our signature programme and a great way to kick off working with us! Focus your team on delivering your objectives whilst at the same time learning new skills. Clients that have been on this programme have seen on average a minimum of 10% sales increase within the first 3 months after starting to work with us.

The simple aims of the programme are to:

  • Improve ROI on marketing spend
  • Grow awareness, drive enquiries, attract new business
  • Improve the customer journey and increase conversion rate
  • Be more strategic, really know what success looks like
  • Support increased productivity; know how to use your team’s time effectively by streamlining the business
  • And ultimately increase sales.

Each programme is customised to your requirements, and we work with clarity, sensitivity and integrity to motivate and support your business growth goals.

We have a set of ‘trusted partners’ who are experts in their field, whether it be SEO, social media, digital marketing, PR, and we use them to support in areas of your business where specific focus is needed.

We work with you to understand your financial position, goals, challenges, barriers, brand, team, product and service.

Our approach is a 360 degree audit to allow us to understand both the internal and external view on your business. We consider the structure, culture and performance of the sales and marketing team. For example, we look at the sales and marketing plan and activity, KPI’s, processes, systems, pricing, target market, website, competition, customer feedback, supplier engagements etc. This varies according to the requirements of the project and size of the business/team.

We lead an interactive workshop to report back on the findings from the audit to the team, and how to refine and improve the existing efforts.  Many of the suggestions we make will be quick wins from small tweeks made easily by the existing team.

You can choose to continue working with us in an ongoing capacity, with ad-hoc support any time, coaching sessions and monthly review meetings to check on agreed actions.

We delight in being a source of knowledge, a motivational tool or a sounding board.

We provide training and coaching on the job in areas where any support is needed.

Our roles in sales and marketing are so diverse, we find great benefits in 1:1 coaching for individuals in the team to address specific areas of development. Above all this leaves them better equipped and more capable and confident.

A concise document presenting the outcome of our findings with analysis and suggested actions. The report will link back to the objectives that have been mutually agreed at the start of the programme with details of how to address them effectively.

External Sales and Marketing Support

Do you need expert support as an extension to your current team?

Perhaps you are part of a small multifunctional team under pressure with reactive sales and struggling to look at the bigger picture?

Bamboo would be delighted to partner with you for ongoing support and development of the sales and marketing team.

Perhaps there is one area within your sales and marketing effort where you would like support?

This could be:

  • Leading a brainstorm with the team to discover ways to grow
  • Managing a promotional marketing campaign
  • Filling a gap whilst you recruit
  • Carrying out a re-brand
  • Getting more from your website
  • Social Media Strategising
  • Copy writing and Industry awards submissions
  • Team training on key topics
  • Competitor Analysis and Pricing Review

New and Re-opening Event Venues

Bamboo specialises in the hospitality and events sector, and more specifically with events venues who are either re-entering the market post closure or are completely new. This can be a particularly tricky phase to manage effectively to protect and grow the business.

We also support contract caterers with mobilisation of sales and marketing teams in venues that are new to them.

This can include:

  • Budget setting and forecasting
  • Defining the sales process, with a focus on the customer lifecycle
  • Strategic planning and reporting, identifying markets and KPI’s
  • Implementing and improving efficiency of systems and processes
  • Effective investment in marketing, maximising ROI
  • Building, coaching and leading a team
  • Competitor Review
  • Setting up demand led variable pricing structures

Use us as a source of knowledge, a motivational tool, a coach or a sounding board.

Introductory Call

Are you keen to find out more about our services – please get in touch for an initial free 20 minute consultation.

1-1 training

We believe in knowledge growth and skills development for sustained growth and have seen the positive impact to sales and marketing team performance of on the job training techniques that we use.

Coaching grows the confidence of your mangers to lead the team, develop them, be more effective in their decisions, and expand their scope of responsibility to support long term revenue growth.

This helps with employee retention, motivation and ultimately stronger business performance.

Coaching areas:

  • Managing a marketing budget for optimal performance
  • Yield and revenue management
  • Account growth and new business development
  • HR related challenges, along with nurturing and developing teams
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Setting sales and marketing strategies and driving conversion

We love to develop people!

Meeting 1.1