Consistency builds trust and creates loyalty

It’s important to keep in touch with existing customers, even if they’re not looking to buy anything right away. Loyalty is key and by treating your audience well, they’ll be eager to return as soon as they can. Reassure them that you’re there for support, regardless of where they may stand in the pipeline.

Regarding new business development, remember that your online content is your first contact with potential customers. You are showing them what it will be like to work with you. Also remember that there are a number of key touchpoints before a lead.  Those should be identified on your customer journey map and remain focus points.

Consistency across channels

Do you have a digital marketing strategy that includes consistency across all of your channels? Are you able to bring all of your channels, from email and social media to your blog and your website, together to create a clear picture of your company that customers can follow?

If you are inconsistent from one channel to the next, your customers will never know what to expect from your business.

Create a warm environment where you can better get to know your customers and improve your understanding of your buyer personas.

Marketing through the Pandemic for Event Venues

Don’t stop marketing as it will make it much harder to come back stronger when this all blows over.

Marketing doesn’t have to involve huge investment – it’s time to get creative!

Think relevancy in terms of content and be smart – for example – talk about stories from the team, recipes from your kitchen team, ideas for things to entertain the kids…..

Show you are there to support your community and offer value by adapting to the current situation.

Stay in their minds so that when you are back, they think of you first.

Adopt the 3E approach

Empathy: asks brands to have tonality and should reflect trust in the future and the ability for everyone to work together and find solutions. 

Engage: engage with customers and suppliers, inspiring confidence in the brand through actions as well as offering support in all its capacity.

Educate: use multiple channels to educate customers, keeping consistency of messaging and allowing them to take actions.

In summary, be creative, stand out

Consistency in marketing protects the long-term future of your business and brand.

If your audience is not in a position to buy and therefore does not want to be sold to, don’t just drop off the face of the earth and ignore them.  Use it as a chance to be noticed and remembered and think of the offline benefits of word of mouth for example.

Mix it up.  Show you know how to adapt. 

Use this as a chance to strengthen your relationship with your audience.

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