The competitive landscape has become even more intense.  It is survival of the fittest.  So, what can you do to put yourself in a stronger position to convert?

I will touch on a few things that can help gain an edge, and it comes back to psychology, something that is not talked about enough!


Lexicon is defined as the vocabulary of a person, and in business, we will have a vocabulary that is specific to our field of expertise.  We can be intelligent with our lexicon and have a store of phrases to use with care.  I will make a few suggestions as you read on.

Verbal delivery is also important, using a variation in tone of voice, talking with passion, demonstrating charm and professionalism.


Science tells us that people are primarily emotional decision makers. Emotive signals run on a ratio of 10:1 to cognitive activity.

So, to have an impact in business, it is important to stimulate the emotions, which dominate over the logical mind.  Our sensitivity with words (our lexicon) links directly with this.

Choosing your language more carefully allows you to link with positive aspects of the brain. Remember that language has temperature!  Building your own collection of phrases for questioning and response will give you the edge, and you can select from them to allow you to mirror the other person.  This is part of the art of influencing and rhetoric which if this is of interest to you, I suggest reading about it’s beginnings.


Make calls with impact!  Compare these phrases and put yourself in the buying position.

What other rates have you been provided with so far? OR Is there any information that you would like to share with me for us to be able to provide you with the most favourable offer?

What budget are you working towards? OR Have you specified a price range that you would like us to work within?

Who is the end client? OR Would you be able to share with me which client you are presenting this information to?

What is important to you? OR What are the key factors in your decision?

We cannot agree to that. OR How can we work together to find a solution to this for both of us?

Use words such as reward, valuable, exclusive, all yours, successful, profitable, and gain.

Start sentences with words like:

Can you help me to understand why/what….

I am certain that….

May I ask….

When would it be…..


The psychology of selling is taking us away from pitching and is more about connecting with people’s hearts and emotions.

In summary, have your words and phrases at the ready, appear natural with them, display confidence, make them feel safe by demonstrating knowledge, build an emotional connection. 

Pick the right volume, and speed of delivery that mirrors your client, and with all this considered you build desire and subsequent decisions in your favour. 

Want to find out more? Call me any time to chat about how this can be applied in a bespoke way to your business